About Us

PetSales’ mission is to take out the worry of finding your next puppy by taking care of almost all aspects that are needed to get a new furry friend to your front door. Our team works hard in finding the best kennels and breeders to find the healthiest and happiest puppies on the market. But, we don’t start there. Our highly trained team takes detailed photos and videos and also Microchip (a PetID system) each pet to properly match the Pet with all media to ensure you are always buying the right dog.  Taking all of these necessary precautions allows for an effective, smooth and satisfactory purchase of your new puppy.

You may be asking, what does PetSales have as a competitive advantage compared to other Pet-Selling websites?

Let us tell you:

  • First, PetSales does not make a profit from selling pets. So, while other companies will charge up to twice the amount the breeder would originally price the pet, PetSales charges no more than the requested sale price set by the breeder. We treat our breeders fairly and ethically to ensure high quality bred dogs each and every day.
  • PetSales gives each pet a “1 Year Health Guarantee“, wherein during the first year of the puppy joining your new family, the customer can rest assured knowing that if any health issues were to be made apparent, it would be completely covered, (depending on the situation, for more information please visit the ‘Health Guarantee’ under the ‘About Us’ section). In addition, each pet gets a more than 30 point health check from a 3rd party USDA certified veterinarian, before they are allowed to be released to the customer.
  • PetSales provides top-of-the-line customer service representatives, not just a computer automated answers. Our team has real individuals available in real time, ready to answer any questions you may have, at any time of the day, to ensure the best customer service a pet sales website has to offer.
  • All pets stay with the breeder and its litter until the ‘Big Day’ it comes home to its new family – YOU!

All of our Breeders at PetSales Pup are hand-picked in person through a specific set of standards in order to find the best environments for your puppies and reflect the high standard of service provided on our website. Our bottom-line strategy is to deliver only the highest quality service to our consumers, so we make sure that each breeder meets a number of prerequisites including some of the following:

  • Each Breeder does not operate their kennel in any manner similar to a Puppy Mill. Every breeder must take care of their pet(s) with the highest quality of supplies available to them, and show evidence that they are making sure each pet is healthy and happy.
  • Most of our Breeders are Certified USDA licensed.
  • We look for Breeders who are able to communicate and work well with clients and our company, to ensure a smooth sales process.

We monitor our breeders very regularly, and conduct inspections every month. Due to the fast rate at which breeders on our site sell their pets, we are regularly taking trips to their kennels in order to take pictures and inventory of their new pets. At these appointments, we are always checking to ensure that all paperwork and licenses are up to date, all supplies are present, and necessary care is being performed correctly.

PetSales works hard to assure the best health of each pet we send to a new owner, first confirming that the pet is taken care of with a strict set of rules and regulations set forth not only by our own company but also by the USDA. We take each pet to a USDA certified veterinarian before transportation is arranged to make sure that your pet is healthy enough to leave the kennel and it’s litter so that when your new furry friend arrives it’s in perfect health and you are stress-free. In addition, your new pet will come with a Health Certificate notifying the customer that their pet has been examined so you know that we have everything under control and your new friend is ready to roll!