Customer Service

Connecting to any of our Customer Service Representatives at Pet Sales is easy. We have a variety of ways to get ahold of us- phone calls, emails, text messages, and even live chat service that is available on our website. When any question arises when finding your next puppy with us, do not hesitate on asking us anything; we are here to assist you!

Beyond assisting any questions you have morning, day, and night, our Customer Service Representatives at Pet Sales want to help in the entire puppy purchasing process for you. We understand the difficulty and uneasiness that finding your next pup may entail, so we want to get your puppy to your new home in a healthy and happy way. Thus, instead of worrying where your pet is being held, if it is healthy, how it is getting to your new home, etc., you can now rest easy knowing our Customer Service team has all these aspects under control. Also, all transportation, whether by ground or by air, results in your pet arriving to your home or nearest travel hub happy, and ready to greet you.