A large dog and a true workhorse, the Newfoundland is a master at long-distance swimming and has true lifesaving instincts in the water. He is large and strong, possessing a heavy coat to protect him from icy waters. Equally, at home in the water and on land, today’s Newfoundland competes in conformation, obedience, agility, tracking, draft and water tests, and carting. His coat can be black, brown, gray, or white.


Trainable, Sweet-Tempered, Gentle

Adult Weight 110-150 lbs (50.0-68.0 kg)
Adult Height 25-29 in (63.5-73.6 cm)
Life Expectancy 8-10 yrs
Maintenance ••
Training ••••
Shedding •••••
Adaptability •••
Active •••

Available Newfoundland Puppies